How I can help


Counselling can help anyone and everyone. No matter how small or enormous problems feel to you, being able to look at things in a focussed way, and talk to someone who won't judge or try to 'fix' you can be incredibly helpful. 

I will never tell you what to do, but I will help you find answers through the exploration of the problems you are facing. Together, we can develop strategies and look at new and more positive ways to deal with difficulties. I am a counsellor and facilitator to help you navigate this part of your journey. 

I am open to working with you in a way that fits you best. Whether you're looking for short or long-term work, and even if you're unsure, we can discuss this when we meet and start to make a plan from there. With regular reviews, we can work together and agree ways forward. 

"It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried." Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person, 1961